Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday Number 4!

Today is NyCee's 4th birthday! She woke up this morning and walked into my room asking if she could go to her birthday party. So we had breakfast and then headed to the park.

After a couple of times re-arranging things at the park, we finally got situated. The battery on my camera died so I had to take a couple of pictures with my phone. She had about 10 kids at the party. It was a pretty day but very windy and cool. The temps only reached the low 70s.

She received so many great gifts. The party had a Tiana from Princess and the Frog theme. She received Princess and the Frog bedding, doll, beach towel and movie. She received clothes and money, a Dora book, and hair bows.

Both she had Tyler have had like 600 pounds of sugar.

Before finally falling asleep on the couch, she put the all the stickers from her cards and the hair bows she received on her bonnet and on her face.

Today was a great day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rule of life #258

Rule of life #258: It is probably not a good idea to turn your back on a 23 month old at a park where sand abounds. We were at the park this evening after dinner. While helping NyCee on the monkey bars, I turned my back to Tyler. He walked up to me smiling with sand pouring out of his mouth. As we walked back to the car so that I could get a bottle of water to rinse out his mouth, I heard crunching. Yes, you guess it. He was chewing the sand.


Monday, March 08, 2010

Dinnertime Breakdown

Tyler decided to have a breakdown at dinner time. Both kids are aware of the dinnertime rules. If all of his/her dinner is not eaten, no after dinner treat is given. NyCee ate all her dinner and enjoyed a fruit bar. Tyler generally likes fruit snacks. However, as you can see from the bowl, he did not complete his dinner. As a result of that choice, he was not given an after dinner treat.

From the look on his face and the tear flow, one would think I just sold his favorite dog to the pound.