Friday, March 30, 2007

Twin Talk

Lewis: "Girls, How is school?"

Imani: "It's good. But sometimes, I don't like to go."

Lewis: "Why not baby? Did something happen at school?"

Imani: "I try to be nice to everybody but this girl named Janice keeps messing with me. I don't know why she is mean to me."

Nia: "You can not worry about her. God controls the earth and He will get people for being mean. Just like Jesus put the devil in the ground. He will put her in the ground too, if she keeps being mean. Don't you do anything to her just walk away. Just walk away because God controls the earth."

Did I mention that the twins are five years old? Personally, I did not have a response. Lewis and I just looked at one another and mouthed, "Okay then."

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Got Fuel?

A few days ago, I told Lewis that the truck had been studdering a little when I would apply the brake. Lewis stated that he would check it out to determine if we need to get the truck tuned up or not.

Yesterday, while driving on the freeway during rush hour traffic, the car cut off twice. I shifted to neutral and restarted the car.

Dayna: "See L.J. this is what it was doing last week."
Lewis: "I don't know why it is doing that. The car has never done that before."
Dayna: "I don't know either. Maybe we should have it serviced."
Lewis: "The gas hand looks low from here."
As he glances over from the passenger's seat."
Dayna: "It doesn't need gas. The light is not on. There is plenty of gas. It just under a quarter of a tank."
Lewis: "Did it ever occur to you that the light may not be working?"
Dayna: "It works because it will illuminate when the tank is low."
Lewis: "Get off and get some gas as I will not be walking with my baby because you think we can keep going."

I pulled off at the next exit and into a gas station, filled up the tank, and rolled on. While pulling out of the gas station, I was attempting to adjust the sun visor and hit myself in the head with it. Lewis exclaimed, "You are so goofy!"

After about 10 minutes of driving I hear, "Amazing what a little gas can do. The car has not studdered or cut off since putting fuel in it."
You know my motto: "If the light ain't on, we can continue to roll!"

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"I don't like that!"

What would you do if you were eating lunch and you tried to tell your mother that you didn't want to eat the Mandarin oranges that she continually tried to feed you even after you had closed your lips as tight as you could and turned your head from side to side?

Spit it out in daddy's hand while seated at a table in the center of the restaurant- of course.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What a view!

NyCee has begun practicing standing with out holding on to something to pull herself up. So today, this was the first thing I saw when I woke up:

Now there are two questions to be addressed here:

1. After consuming 1/2 a bottle of wine, did I wake up at some point in the middle of the night to change her diaper and forgot to put her pants back on? Or
2. Did she manage to take the pants off and I was too "relaxed" after my 1/2 bottle of wine to notice?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

"How do you work this thing?"

As a birthday present, NyCee received a walk 'n' ride toy. At first, it seemed that she had the hang of it. (It converts to a little scooter if you let the handle down.)

But then I noticed, that her feet were not moving. She simply pushed the toy out in front of her and willed her feet to move.

When that attempt was unsuccessful, I guess she resorted to what she knew best--crawling & pushing the toy.

Whatever works!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I just finished my exam for my Legal 100 class. I am a Human Resources major, why I am taking legal is beyond me. I took it as a 5 week course so it was brutal. I logged into the exam feeling very confident. Until 5 hours ago, I had an "A" in the class. I did so poorly on the final exam, which was worth 400 points, that my final grade is a "C". I want to cry!

My GPA is shot to (you know where) all because of that "C". The exam was ridiculously hard. I could not even locate half the answers and didn't understand the questions.

NyCee has finally stopped nursing so now would be the time to pour a glass of wine to drown out my sorrow. Better yet, a glass of Grey Goose Vodka would do the trick. Pass the bottle please!

The Saga Continues..

Remember the story of how I lost the check in the ATM. As of today, it has still not been recovered. Apparently, I was suppose to file a claim with the electronic claims department who would have issued a credit to my account for the amount of the check.

Now they tell me. 4 days later!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

12 months later

NyCee decided that she wanted to celebrate her birthday early. She began celebrating at 1:58a.m. Of course, that was not going to work for me, so around 2:35 she went back to sleep. The party commenced later that afternoon.

Before birthday cake, --- Clean, happy, playful

While everyone was singing, "Happy Birthday"--- Bored, confused, eyeing the cake.

Eating birthday cake, --- Concentrating, trying to stuff as much as possible into her mouth.

After birthday cake, --- Excited, on a sugar high, "More please."

It is hard to believe that on this day one year ago, I went to the doctor for my normal weekly check up and gave birth 12 hours later. Goodness, time does fly. I love you NyCee! Happy 1st Birthday!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

How much farther?

NyCee, of her own accord and without prompting, decided to climb the stairs. She crawled from the family room, over to the stair case and up the two stairs to the landing area.

After making it that far and up one stair, she turned around to see where her father was. She cried out to him and he came and stood behind her thinking that she would continue to climb the stairs to me.

That didn't happen. Instead, she laid down on the step and began yawning.

If climbing three stairs took that much out of her, I don't know what she is going to do when she has to start walking around and not being carried by me.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Unfortunate Mis-hap

So today, I was out running errands and needed to go to the bank. It was approximately 5:30p. I pull up to the ATM in preparation to deposit the check that I had. Well, Bank of America has these fancy new ATM's that you can make a deposit without the envelope. I have used them before. They are pretty cool. Your receipt shows the image of the check you deposited. So I am not new to the machine or how it works.

I pull up to the drive thru ATM, insert my card, select deposit check and when the slot opened, I inserted my check. I paused, only to discover that the machine captured my check. It tried to spit it out several times but it got stuck in the machine. I could see it so I grabed a paperclip and tried to get it out. (I know what you are thinking. Why did she have a paperclip in the car? Was it for such a time as this?) Moving on, the machine thought that I was doing something naughty to it and closed the little door on my check. So I retrieved my card and pulled off discouraged. I parked the truck and went inside to the branch and explained what happened. I was advised what to do so that the check will be credited to my account. It will take about 3-5 business days but no big deal.

The irony to the story is that I used the drive up ATM because I thought the bank was closed due to the time I attempted the transaction. I forgot that it was Friday and most banks stay open until 6:00p.m.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


100.5 was NyCee temperature at 2:08a.
100.5 is still her temperature at 10:45a

At 2:35a NyCee spewed vomit all over the floor, ottoman, and clean clothes on the ottoman. This is why clothes should be put up immediately after leaving the dryer. Moving on.

2:45a- After being cleaned up and donned with fresh jammies, NyCee decided to laugh, wave bye-bye and play.

2:50a-play time was over and she began whining and crying.

3:00a-she decides to start playing again.

3:10a-she winds down and finally falls to sleep.

4:00a--Mommy is wide awake from cleaning vomit, changing jammies, waving bye-bye, and trying to put her daughter to sleep.

6:25a-NyCee wakes up crying so I retrieve her out of her bed and rock her back to sleep in the chair.

9:20a--NyCee wakes up crying. Burning up from fever. She has a doctor's appointment at 1:45p

If I were the gambling type, I would try to figure out how I could play these numbers in lottery to win $300 million. That way, I could pay someone to be up in the middle of the night while I get some sleep.

1159p-EDT Sunday--5 exams due. This is going to be a long week.

145p- Dr's appt. Bi-lateral ear infections. The dr. prescribed the normal pink amoxicillin.

7:08- Still cranky and whiny.

8:45p-A pamper full of poopie makes NyCee feel all better.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh, how stupid!

I cooked shrimp scampi and if you have ever had shrimp scampi then you know that the sauce looks alot like melted margarine. So after eating dinner, I was cleaning the kitchen and poured the sauce into what I thought was the trash bag.

The next morning, I lifted the bag out of the trash bin in preparation for disposal only to find that scampi sauce was in the bottom of the can and not the trash bag. Immediately, I took the entire trash can out to the dumpster. As I was hurling it into the bin, I thought to myself, "Self. Why didn't you just remove the trash bag and wash out the trash can?" Myself answered, "Because that would have been the most logical choice."

That actually happened about two weeks ago. Why am I telling this story now? Because I am still without a trash can and have been to a Kmart, Walmart, or Target I don't know how many times. But each time, I walk out with everything but a trash can.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Look how much she has grown

NyCee has really taken a liking to the camera. (She gets that from her granddad Fred). Recently, she has mastered the art of waving "Bye-Bye" on command. Whenever she hears "bye-bye", she opens and closes her fist as most baby's do. But she gets the flight attendant smile and wave from me.

She is truly a techno-baby. She is not even one year old and has already mastered the concept of talking on a cellular phone.

Whenever I see her do something new I am so amazed. I watched her just stand by herself without holding on to the couch or chair for support.

It's hard to believe that she will be one year old on the 20th. If she is anything like her cousins in Minnesota, I am sure that her antics will keep us laughing.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Back in Business

Yesterday, I went to BestBuy to have my digital camera repaired. Well, they politely told me that I have a credit and that I need to go select a new camera. I thought, "OK, I am glad that it broke before the warranty expired." Well, I walked back to the camera selection and picked out a new shiny toy for myself. It was $10.00 more than the original camera but it has such cool features.

The main feature is that the date will print on the pictures. My last camera was designed to only print the date with their picture printer and their memory card. (It was an Olympus brand). Oh convenient was that. This one is a Fuji and they make reliable products. I use to buy the disposable cameras made by them. Hopefully, NyCee will perform grand stunts now that the camera is working again and not become camera shy.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Camera Catastrophe

Did you notice in this blog there are no pictures of my reunion with my huband and child after nine days of separation? That is because the camera malfunctioned. Okay, so it is just flat-out broken. While talking to Lewis one night, he told me that it was not working but of course I thought that it was due to operator error. However, I tried last night and sure enough, it doesn't work. I can't even view the pictures stored on the memory disk. I am so disappointed. I do not have any pictures of Lewis and NyCee's father-daughter adventure. Bummer!

But on a happy note, I am glad they are back. I missed my little one dearly. She seems to have grown while they were gone. I am going to BestBuy today where Lewis purchased the camera to exchange it. I am glad that Lewis bought the extended warranty plan. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this camera situation.

I feel like my cousin Cari who has the worst trouble with camera's. She left one on a plane, dropped one at the park, had one stolen--my gosh. While I only had one incident, it was during a major event.

Friday, March 02, 2007


So this morning, I get up and begin to follow my morning routine. I wash my face; brush my teeth, pop in the contact lenses. In preparation to shave my legs, I get out the razor, pop on the new blade, run the water in the sink basin, and begin looking around for my shaving gel. I stood for a couple of minutes pondering where it could be. I looked in the shower, under the sink, in the linen closet but no shower gel was to be found. Again, I paused and re-visited all the places that I just looked.

So now, I am in a dilemma. I said to myself, "Self." Myself said, "Yeah what's up? Do I:
A} shave with soap, like when I was a kid and didn't know that shower gel existed,
B} forgo shaving my legs again and continue to walk around like a hairy beast, or
C} use something called "Beard Buster" that I found in my husband's cabinet?"

You guessed it! I chose "C." Men's shaving gel smells so strong. The manufacturer really should make a brand with a unisex scent for cases like this when a wife runs out of shaving gel and needs to use her husband's.

But is worked wonderfully and my legs are as smooth as silk. Fancy that!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Chew, Chew. That's all I do."

Is it possible that NyCee could chew on her chew toys that I bought? No, apparently it is not. She will chew on a shoe string, the cord to my camera, or anything that she can find.

Her eyes are what gets me. Just look how innocent she looks as if it is perfectly okay to chew on the cord to my camera.