Sunday, December 31, 2006


Like most Americans, I have spent the last couple of days thinking about the past year. It has been a rough one. 2006 was full of joys and pains. Unfortunately, there were a lot more pains than joys. But one thing remains constant, I am truly thankful for another year.

Through technology (the blog), I feel more in touch with my cousins in Minnesota. Additionally, family and friends have told me that they feel closer to Taylor because of the blog. I was going to stop blogging because I thought that most people had lost interest. I had friends who, in the beginning, read the blog all the time. Now as time has past, they have moved on, and lost interest. Yet, a friend told me that under no circumstances am I allowed to stop blogging. She stated, "That is my only connection to NyCee. You CAN NOT stop." My aunts and sister have also expressed how much closer they feel to NyCee because of the blog. So, rest assured, the blogging will continue.

I am excited about the incoming year. I will complete my undergraduate course work and start graduate studies, my daughter will have her 1st birthday, I will have a new job, I plan to move (yes, again), and a gambit of other things are awaiting me in 2007. I have decided that everytime I think about the past, I will put into action the words of the Apostle Paul, "Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 3:13-14)

May your New Year be prosperous, healthy, exciting, and bright.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

8 1/2 hours later

So last night I was feeling guilty about leaving NyCee in her room to cry herself to sleep. I refused to tell Lewis that I let her cry for 20-25 minutes as he would have had a cow. I showed him the photo and he remarked, "My little booty was so sleepy she just fell asleep sitting up." "Yep." I replied.

Around 7:00am I woke to complete silence so I walked quietly into her room to check on her. She was still asleep. I decided to take advantage of this rare occasion, so I returned to bed. At 9:30am, I woke again to complete silence. Lewis jumped up about to go and check on her and I said, "I'm awake and she is not up." He let out some sort of grunt and went back to sleep.

I see that my decision to let her cry herself to sleep as not caused any detriment to her. In fact, it appears that was a good decision on my part. She slept all night without me next to her and I slept all night without moving her over to keep from falling off the bed.

Lately, she has been waking up around 3:30 or 4:30am. Why? I have no idea. As soon as I lay her in the bed next to me, she goes right back to sleep. I hope that moms across America (or at least the one's that read my blog) are not ready to stone me. The world is full of harsh realities. And NyCee's reality is that she can not sleep in the bed with mommy and daddy forever. The sooner I introduce her to this concept the better off she will be.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Separation Anxiety

Lewis has what I like to call, "The carry NyCee around all day as if she is too good to play on the floor" syndrome. For whatever reason, he feels the need to carry her around the house whenever he is home. I have asked him not to do that for a couple of different reasons.

1. The workers at the daycare facility that she attends are not going to hold her.
2. I AM NOT going to hold her all day. I have things to do around the house.

She will play by herself, with her toys, if allowed. For the past two days, she has been very clingy. When I put her down, she crawls back over to me crying and pulling on my leg to be picked up. Well tonight, I had to resort to drastic measures. This method was necessary as there was no other way to get her to sleep in her own bed. When she fell asleep, I laid her in the bed and she woke up. I picked her up, put her back to sleep, laid her in her bed and she woke up again. This went on several times. Finally, I had to put NyCee in her bed and just let her cry. She cried for about 20-25 minutes and finally went to sleep. It was difficult for me to listen to her cry but I had no choice.

When it grew quiet, I walked into her room and this is what I saw:

I feel so bad. After I went to retrieve my camera to capture the photo, I laid her down. This photo is classic though--you have to admit.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day at the Thompson House

The day started with NyCee helping her dad open his gift to him from her. It was a bottle of Sean John Unforgivable cologne. I think she had more fun opening it than he did.

Lewis went to pick up the twins and Taylor had more fun helping them open their gifts also.

Later in the day, I turned the workout room into the play room. My sister-in-law along with her boyfriend and children came over. My mother-in-law joined shortly after. Lewis played a game named elefun with the kids.

Next onto dinner. Lewis did not want the tradition dinner so I made, roast in gravy, macaroni and cheese, cabbage, cornbread, and black eyed peas. Also, I made my first sweet potato pies. They were really good. Okay, I admit it. Lewis and I did not wait until dinner to try the pie. We ate a slice at 2:30a.m while watching Miracle on 34th street.

I was finally able to capture a picture of Lewis with all three of his girls. Isn't he the proud papa? Just look at him beam.

NyCee stood out above all the other festivities. Again, I mean that literally. Notice that she is standing all by herself. Man, I really need her to slow down. She just started crawling. What's next? Working a 9 to 5, driving, and dating. Oh my goodness, my little girl is growing up way too fast.

When the evening came to an end, I called my mother and had the following conversation:

D: "Ma, How have you done this for 20 plus years? I am so tired."

M: (Laughter) "You just wait. The fun has not yet begun."

D: "I have had about 4 hours of sleep. I didn't go to bed until 4:00am and woke up at 7:00am to put on my meat. We have opened gifts and played. We did it all. I laid out nice clothes for me to put on and I have on jeans and a tee-shirt."

M: "Now you know why in every Christmas picture, I look crazy. Between trying to put together the toys, start cooking, finish cooking, and reading directions, I didn't have time to get dressed."

D: "Well, I just want to say "Thank you" from me and my siblings. I never knew that so much was involved in Christmas when you have children. I will pay the store to have Taylor's toys assembled because I can not imagine how to fit that into the picture."

M: "I doubt if Lewis will pay to do that since he wouldn't pay to have the dining room set put together."

We both laughed and said "Good night."

This first Christmas with NyCee brought back a flood of memories from my childhood. Several times during the day, I just sat and smiled to myself. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Whenever NyCee goes to Michigan, she learns something new. In September, she learned to sit up by herself with the help of my niece Taliyah. In December, she learned to pull herself up on a step in my parents' living room. In addition to that, she now crawls. Yes, she is crawling. Gone are the days of putting her blanket on the floor with her toys so that she can just scoot around. I didn't realize that she had gained such momentum. I put her on the floor by the office door and walked across the room.

When I turned around, she was right behind me. Where did she get that speed from?

Now when I put her on the floor, she will not sit still. And forget a diaper change--that is like tug-of-war. I put her down, she turns over to crawl away, I turn her back over and the cycle continues.

Even though, this has been a whopper of a year, I am glad that I had the opportunity to capture these precious moments and share them on the blog.

Friday, December 22, 2006

New Home Woes!

Lewis and I purchased our current home last year after I found out that I was pregnant with Taylor. When you purchase a new home, the builder usually gives a one year warranty as the house has to settle and all the cricks and nicks begin to come out. Well, we have had quite a challenge with this builder. The builder outsourced the warranty work to a company who requires homeowners to complete claim forms with codes and warranty numbers. It has been ridiculous.

Yesterday, I had workers in and out of the house all day. Most of the items were fixed. However, I have a huge box in front of my fireplace to block the cold air coming through. The fireplace builder is saying that it was not insulated. The insulation company is saying that it had to be insulted or it would not have passed inspection. Both parties are passing the buck and had the nerve to tell me that sometimes air just seeps through the vents. That is a lie and a half. That sounds ridiculous. My previous house had a fireplace and I never felt cold air rushing through. I told them, "I don't care whose fault it is. It will be repaired."

I figure the box is apart of the decor just like Taylor's play pin, walker, exersaucer, and host of other toys.

But what really took the cake for me was the front yard. For several months, especially during the summer, there was one particular patch of grass that stayed fertile. I kept telling Lewis there had to be a crack in the septic tank line. (My house sits in a valley; therefore, the builder installed an underground septic tank to help the flow of sewage upward to the main system.) The builder sent the construction supervisor out to our house to look at the problem. He agreed that there had to be a crack in the pipe. The plumbing company argued that there was not a crack. Ray Charles could have seen that one patch of my grass was WAY more fertile than others. So after months of back and forth back and forth, the plumbing company came out and dug up the ground. This is what they found.

Underneath the cracked pipe was a huge rock with metal sticking out. That was the culprit. I knew that I was not crazy. The plumbing company only agreed to dig up the pipe to pacify me. But I got the last laugh. The supervisor from the builder was on site to serve as verification of the cracked pipe.

Even though the plumbing company and builder tried to brush me off, I was persistent. I took pictures of the spot and wrote several letters. Lewis thought I was silly but I watch Judge Judy and knew that I would have to prove my case if I had to litigate the matter.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

To the left, to the left

"To the left, to the left, NyCee is holding her bottle in the hand to the left."

That is our rendition of Beyonce's new song, "Irreplaceable." NyCee and I can thank her Tesa for the fact that the song is stuck in my head playing over and over and over again. (I do like the song though--that is what made me think of this blog).
This one is for you Tarisa!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Scholars' Challenge

Well, the last exams are taken and the final grades posted. Another quarter bites the dust. 2 down 3 to go. I know you are wondering how I managed to cut out two quarters (in 1 down 5 to go, I stated I had 5 quarters left until graduation). Due to my stay-at-home mom status, I was able to enroll in two additional classes bring my total to six (6)--that's right--six (6) classes for the Fall quarter. I enrolled in four (4) full session online courses, 1 mini-session online course and 1 on campus course. Also, Strayer accepted 81 of the 90 credits that I attempted to transfer. That was awesome!

I received five (5) A's and one (1) B. Anyone who knows me, knows how upset am I to have received a B. That is just completely unacceptable. But the class was ridiculous and the professor would ask asinine exam questions. But I will take it. I am partly to blame as I did not concentrate as hard on the class in the beginning and could not make up the points needed to raise the grade at the end.

My brain needs a rest. So for the next three (3) weeks, I plan to veg out in front of the boob tube and watch movies in my pajamas. Okay, I will get dressed for Christmas but other than that--Veg city here I come.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Christmas Cutie

Since NyCee's birth, I have had a revitalization of the Christmas spirit. I remember Christmas when I was a little girl and how we would decorate the tree on the weekend of my dad's or sister's birthday. Our house was filled with decorations on the windows, fruits and nuts to eat, Christmas cards on display, and stockings hung on the chimney with care.

Today, we went to the mall so that she could have her first picture with Santa. She was so cute donned in her red velvet dress that her grandparents bought her when we were in Port Huron last week. She did an excellent job. She sat up like a big girl and smiled for her picture. I was so proud of her. My mom was concerned that she would cry but she didn't. Not one tear was shed. In fact, Santa commented that he wished all children's picture were as easy as Taylor's was.

In all the excitement, I forgot to take a photo of her on Santa's lap. I had the camera in my bag but was so excited that she didn't cry--I never even took it out. For your viewing pleasure, I have taken a picture of the picture to display on the blog.

She must have been tired waiting in the line for Santa. When we arrived at the mall, Santa had to take his lunch break. By the time we got to the car on our way home, she was asleep.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Our 1st "Little" Christmas Tree

Lewis and I have celebrated three (3) Christmas seasons together, yet this is the first year that we have had a tree. I love Christmas time but the houses we lived in before were so small, we did not have storage for everyday items let alone Christmas decorations.

With the birth of NyCee, I decided that we HAD to have a Christmas tree for her. Also, Nia (one of the twins) told me last year that we had to have a Christmas tree for Santa Claus to put presents under. While in Michigan last week, I bought Taylor her 1st Christmas ornament. Isn't this too cute?

The title told you that our Christmas tree was little. Literally--it is only 4 feet tall and I had 2 put it on the dining room table because NyCee was trying to pull the ornaments off.

I promised her that when we move into our bigger house with storage space, I would buy her a real Christmas tree and we would decorate for the occasion. Lewis was rushing me in the store (because he was trying to get home to watch football) so I could not pick out the tree top. Also, he would not let me get icicles citing that they make a mess and he would be subjected to vacuuming them up until summer. He's being a Christmas party pooper.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Special Delivery

Lewis and I were unpacking the suitcases when we arrived home yesterday. NyCee insisted on helping. As you can see, her toys are spread out around the bag. Then she attempted to climb into the bag so I decided to help her out.

If I ship her fully clothed, will someone sign for the package or mark it "Return to sender?" Or I can address it to Minnesota where her little cousins live. I don't think Cari would mind one more mobile monster around.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas 10 days early

Tarisa decided last night (Friday, December 15, 2006) that she wanted everyone to open their Christmas gifts because she wanted to see the reactions. The original plan was that the gifts would be wrapped and then placed under the tree and opened on Christmas Day. My father was the only one who did not oppose opening gifts early. Boonie then decided that would be a great idea too and would prevent her from spending the money on shipping.

The downside was that Tarisa decided against wrapping the presents and simply handed them out in the shopping bags. Tacky I know but the thought was there.

The festivities began with Taylor. She received an outfit from Tesa, a strawberry scented carebear from her cousins, and books from her Ti-Ti Boonie. The books are really cool as they have sounds along with the story. I am really glad that Boonie bought those as I have started reading to her daily.

Boonie is the eccentric of the group. So to compliment her personality, Tarisa bought her two retro funky hats. Boonie loved them. Actually, I liked one of them too because it was pink. In the mall, Tarisa stated, "Boonie will rock these." I assumed that meant wear in a fashionable way.

When Boonie opened the hats, she smiled and said, "You know I will rock these." And from the looks of things, that is what she plans to do.

Taliyah opened her gift and it was a pair of cream corduroy pants and matching shirt. She really did like the outfit although you can not tell from the look on her face. We had to wake her up to join the party. She was not pleased about that.

Ce-Cee and Kari opened their gift together. I know that sounds bad but it was a gift that they will have to share. It was a Madden 07 gamecube video game. The price dictated that they get one and share. But Tarisa was kind enough to buy an additional game that was on sale. So they did end up with two games.

My mother is the EASIEST person to shop for. If we bought her a key chain, wrapped it, and put it under the tree, she would be happy. So you know that she really liked the outfits that Tarisa picked out.

On the other hand, my father is a different story. It is so hard to buy gifts for the man that either buys it for himself or has everything. My father is a shop-a-holic. But he loved the gift that Tarisa bought--Sean John Unforgivable cologne.

I received awesome gifts: Rachael Ray cookbooks (3), a candle, and champagne flutes [for Lewis and I but he was not present so by default I had to open the gift (HA! HA!)]

Close up to show the detail on the flutes.

Since graduating from culinary school, Tarisa has become the resident go to girl for cooking instructions. As a result, she received a great bake ware set.

After a hard day in the kitchen she needs to relax. She can do so with her candle and candle warmer set. The candle warmer helps to magnify the smell of the candle.

NyCee and I had a wonderful week in Michigan but it is good to be home. Lewis couldn't go with us because he was working. He really missed his little girl and has not put her down since we arrived home.

I almost forgot to mention that Lewis received a CD player from the kids (Ce-Cee, Kari, and Mama Liyah). I did not open his gift. I brought it home in the gift box. No one is allowed to use their gifts until Christmas Day or after. You know that Ce-Cee and Kari were crushed by that announcement. I showed Lewis our gifts but told him that we have to put them under the tree. Like the kids, he too was upset by that announcement.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Ladies Day/Night Out

My sister Boonie arranged for us to have a ladies day out. The day began with a massage at the local spa. I had never experienced a full body massage so I was thrilled and excited to learn this was how our day was to begin.

My mom and Boonie went first. As they enjoyed their massages, Tarisa and I waited in the lobby. The ambience was so warm and inviting. I was relaxed sitting and waiting. When I walked into the room, I was welcomed by soft music, candlelight, and a warm massage table. My masseuse Kim was great. I told her that I had never had a full body massage before and she walked me through the process. The 50 minutes was up way too soon. I told Lewis that I am going to find a spa near our house and take him to have a massage. He will love it.

Next, we enjoyed lunch at Cracker Barrel. It was a festive time of talking and reminiscing. By this time, NyCee joined us. She didn't want her food so she ate everything on my plate. My green beans, carrots, and mac and cheese.

After lunch, we enjoyed a movie--The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. It was a little slow in the beginning but we all enjoyed it. By this time, it was around 7:00pm and my Aunt Nita called several times because she was over Aunt Roz's house and wanted us to come and visit. So we headed down to Detroit. On our way, we called Granddad Melvin and my cousins, Phebe and Wally to come over. Wally lives across the street from Aunt Roz so his commute was not far.

My family has always enjoyed music so we sang, listened to CD's and talked. We had a great time. The only problem is that everything has to end a little early because of the hour drive back to Port Huron. But it was worth it to see my Granddad so excited that we came to see him.

The night ended with a bang. Literally! As we were getting into the van to leave, my sister Tarisa jumped up on the running board and hit her head on the top of the van door. When I turned to see her, she was half way on the ground laughing. I thought her foot slipped off the running board. I said, "What happened?" She replied through the laughter, "I hit my cranium on the van door. This is why I ride in the front seat!" Everyone laughed and we listed to Christmas music and talked on the drive back to Port Huron.

14 Years Old (Yesterday)

My nephew Cian, Jr. (Ce-Cee) turned 14 years old on December 13, 2006. He is the final piece of what I have termed the trio. My father's birthday is December 10, My sister Tarisa's birthday is December 11, and Ce-Cee's is December 13. I have a host of family members with birthdays in December. It is a busy month and not just for Santa.

I remember when his mother went to the hosptial to have him. My father was elated because Boonie started having contractions on December 10. However, Ce-Cee decided that he wanted his own special day and arrived three days later.

Now here he stands all grown up and handsome. But he is still auntie's baby.

For his birthday, my sister allowed him to get his ear pierced. He thought that it was going to be painful. Tarisa held his hand and braced him for the three second sting that he felt.

When the ear was pierced, he replied, "Oh, that's it!" We all laughed and he received the instructions on keeping the ear clean to avoid infection.

It is hard to see them grow up. Time seems to just fly by. I love you Ce-Cee. You will always be auntie's baby.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Future NBA Star

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending my oldest nephew's basketball game. He is really a good player. He played strong offense and defense. The only problem is that the opposing team was comprised of Amazon children. I am not kidding. Look at the boy in the burgundy jersey. He is tall. (Ce-Cee is in the blue jersey--#1)

Ce-Cee grew frustrasted as his shot were constantly blocked. The referees where no help either. I think they were friends with the other team. She called fouls on Ce-Cee's team constantly but rarely on the other team.
Ce-Cee plays point guard so he is waiting for his team to rebound the ball after the free throw shots.

I am biased of course but he was the cutest player on the court. I am so proud of him. He maintains good grades and is athletic.

(A couple of the photos are blurry as my camera would not cooperate for the pictures. I started to throw it down the bleachers but refrained from doing so). Ce-Cee's team lost 28-14 but they played a good, strong game. WAY TO GO CENTRAL!

Friday, December 08, 2006

To grandmother's house we go. Again!

NyCee and I will be leaving the A-T-L for the P-H. What is P-H? That stands for Port Huron, MI. That's right. I am going to the freezing, biting, eyes watering, right off of Lake Huron, wind cutting through your clothes right down to your bones, cover your face and body with vaseline for protection against the cold--to visit my family.

This trip was suppose to be a surprise for NyCee's Tesa (Aunt Tarisa.) Her Tesa lives in beautiful sunny San Diego, CA but is going to Michigan for a week to see the family. Tarisa called me to help book her travel plans and I made our arrangements the same day. The entire family knew that it was a surprise. Unfortunately, NyCee's father can not hold water in a cup with a lid on it, and told Tarisa that we were coming. So the surprise is ruined. Nonetheless, NyCee is so excited to see her Tesa and the rest of the family. That is all she talks about.

We will see everyone next week.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blog Comments

My Aunt Roz and others have asked if I receive the comments that are posted on the blog. The answer is yes. Regardless to when you read the blog or post the comment, I receive an email with your comment. I welcome the comments and others enjoy reading them as well.

So, no worries. If you read a blog from several weeks, months, or days ago, I will receive the comment. Also, there are times when I will respond to questions asked as a comment on that particular post.

For those who read my cousin's blog, undomestic, the same holds true. So please, comment away. We enjoy reading them. Thanks for reading the blog. I hope you feel closer to us and a part of Taylor's life.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Stop raiding my sock drawer!"

Everyday, Nycee is becoming more mobile and less stationary. As a result, when I leave her alone in the room, I place her on the floor and not on the bed. My bed sits relatively high off the floor (I like for my feet to swing when I am sitting on the side of the bed) and my concern is that she will roll off onto the floor.

I walked out of the room to do something and I came back to find her raiding my sock drawer. I thought I had several years before she attacked my closet for clothes.

What amazed me was the fact that she was in front of the ottoman when I left the room. So in a couple of minutes, she scooted across the floor to the drawer. Babies are truly amazing!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

NyCee's got back!

In "On your mark, get set..," I explained that NyCee was in the first stages of beginning to crawl. Now, she gets on her hands and knees then pushes herself up which toots her little bottom into the air. If she hears music, then she starts to shake back and forth with the beat.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Friday night, I put NyCee in the bed around 11:45pm which is her normal bed time. I woke up at 7:45am to prepare for class. (I have a Saturday class on campus.) I peeked in her room and she was still asleep and showed no signs of waking. I dressed for class and checked on her one last time before leaving--still asleep.

I always call to check on them during my first break. When I called and asked what the baby was doing, Lewis replied, "She woke up about 10:00am and I gave her a bath and put on her clothes." I said, "Okay" and returned to class.

Last night, she was up until about 1:00am. That was partly my fault because I was folding clothes and playing with her. She finally went to sleep but I was up until about 4:00am watching documentaries on MSNBC. She woke up around 4:30am so I went to get her and brought her to bed with me. Do you know that she was wide awake at 7:30am? I laid next to her to try and coax her back to sleep--she was not having it.

That is so unfair. Lewis got to sleep in with her until 10:00am and when I decide to stay up late watching television, she decides to wake up at 7:30am. What is that about?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Too Comfortable

During the wee dark hours of the morning, around 3:00AM, I was awakened out of my sleep by the sounds of a shrill coming from NyCee's room. As I struggled to get myself together to attend to her, Lewis walked into our room carrying her and coaxing her back to sleep. He changed her diaper and I laid her in the bed next to me in the hopes that nursing her would cause peaceful slumber to once again take over. Well, it took over. But on both of us. Normally, I let her nurse until she goes back to sleep and then I carry her back to her room.

The alarm clock sounded at 745AM and when I looked down this is what I saw:

Yes, her feet are propped up on my stomach. What am I her footstool?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You know you're ghetto when....

You know you're ghetto when you refuse to go to the Wal-mart and purchase new pajamas for your growing child. Instead, you cut the feet out and put on a pair of matching socks to accomplish the same goal. (Notice the yellow band on the socks matches the yellow ducks on the pajamas.)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A little something to wash it down

During NyCee's six month doctor's visit, I was advised that she needs to start using a sippee cup. The purpose of this is to aid in weaning her off breast milk. Well, after she sat at the table and ate a chicken wing, I decided to pour her juice into her cup to see how she would respond. As you can see, she is holding the cup watching t.v with her legs crossed. (She always crosses her legs. She is such a little lady)

If she could talk, she would say, "What ma? You wanted me to hold the cup. What is the big deal?" From that expression on her face, you can tell she is my child.

There was a little corner left in the cup so I guess she just decided to take it straight to the head.