Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You know you're ghetto when....

You know you're ghetto when you refuse to go to the Wal-mart and purchase new pajamas for your growing child. Instead, you cut the feet out and put on a pair of matching socks to accomplish the same goal. (Notice the yellow band on the socks matches the yellow ducks on the pajamas.)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A little something to wash it down

During NyCee's six month doctor's visit, I was advised that she needs to start using a sippee cup. The purpose of this is to aid in weaning her off breast milk. Well, after she sat at the table and ate a chicken wing, I decided to pour her juice into her cup to see how she would respond. As you can see, she is holding the cup watching t.v with her legs crossed. (She always crosses her legs. She is such a little lady)

If she could talk, she would say, "What ma? You wanted me to hold the cup. What is the big deal?" From that expression on her face, you can tell she is my child.

There was a little corner left in the cup so I guess she just decided to take it straight to the head.

Monday, November 27, 2006


NyCee finally has two teeth which are vi sable. They had been showing through her gums for a while but they have finally broken through.

She thinks that she is slick. She knows how to bite already. She is still breastfed and she bit me the other day. I looked at her and said, "NyCee let go of mommy" as stern as I could. She clamped down even harder and smiled.

Lewis exclaimed, "Honey she doesn't know what she is doing. Don't get upset with her." I beg to differ. NyCee will nurse as she normally does without biting me, so when she bites me, I know that she is aware of what she is doing. Plus the little Chester cat grin she has on her face while she is biting me is dead give-a-way.

I hope I can make to her nine month doctor's appointment to find out how to wean her off breast milk. I also have to find out what I have to do to stop producing breast milk. My plan was to nurse until she was 12 months old. Not anymore! She is getting cut off A.S.A.P!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Finger Lickin' Good

I walked to the grocery market around the corner from our house today as it was a beautiful day. While there, I bought 1lb of chicken wings for Lewis, in addition to other items. After I paid for the items, they were too heavy for me to walk home with, so I called Lewis to come and pick me up. (Of course he made comments about how I should have driven to the store--but I wanted to walk and get a little exercise as I had been in jammies for nearly 5 days.)

When we returned home, I gave him the chicken and began putting away the groceries. I turned around to see NyCee holding a chicken wing--eating it. I was on the phone and said, "Why is my child eating a chicken wing?"
Better yet, why is her father letting her eat a chicken wing? She obviously enjoyed it as she was quiet the entire time it was in her hand or mouth. He followed the chicken wing with a cup of Hawaiian Punch. Why am I spending money on baby food? From the looks of things, she obviously enjoys regular food more.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pajama Day 3

Today marks the third day that I have been in my pajamas. I have been really sick and lethargic. Yesterday, I had the audacity to actually go to the grocery market in my pajamas. I put on a pair of jogging pants, kept on the pajama top, and threw on a jacket. (My mother would hit the roof if I went out of the house in my pajamas).

I was kind enough to Lewis to take a shower and put on a clean pair of jammies. There is no need to set aside the decency of hygiene. I have no plans on putting any clothes on tomorrow either. I am cooking for us but Lewis does not want to go visiting. Fine by me.

I think what makes it worse is that my child has been in her pajamas also. I give her a bath in the morning and put a clean pair of pajamas on her. I think I am really getting the hang of this stay-at-home mom, full time student thing.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nap Time: Who is the true beneficiary?

When I was a little girl, I clearly recall nap time. My mom made no qualms about it. After lunch, it was down for a few zzzz's.

I always thought that naps were for the children's benefit. Taylor gets very cranky and irritable when she is sleepy. She starts whining, scratching her head, and crying. That is my indication that she needs a nap.

Normally NyCee goes to daycare during the week so that I can get my school work done. Well, for the past two weeks she has stayed home because she has been sick. (She was kind enough to pass her germs along to me. I am sure that Lewis is thrilled to have two sick people surrounding him.) Every morning she gets up around 8:30 or 9:00a, gets her bath, and breakfast. I let her play for a couple of hours and then it's nap time. Nap time is the greatest invention since colored hair weaves and drawstring ponytails.

I look forward to 12:00p when she starts fussing and is ready to go to Sleepytown. I enjoy two (2) hours of total solitude and I accomplish so much. I have discovered that the true beneficiary of nap time is: The Mother, The Momster, The Mommy!

My mother never told me the reason we went down for naps is because she needed alone time. How dare she keep this powerful secret? Shame on you mother! Shame on you!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

80s Punk Rocker; 20 years to late

Taylor has to get her hair combed when she is asleep; otherwise it is truly a battle of epic proportions. Last night, when she feel asleep I began combing her hair. But for whatever reason, she would not stay sleep long enough for me to complete the process. Therefore, she scooted around the house all day looking like this:

Doesn't her hairstyle cause flashbacks of the 80s? I immediately see Salt-n-Pepa, MC Lyte, with the faded hairstyles. Or the grunge groups from the Seattle and Portland scene: Nirvana with Kurt Cobain. All she needs now is a headband and pair of legwarmers to complete the look.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Bring it on Old Man Winter

Contrary to what most people think, it gets COLD in Georgia. The morning high today was 32 degrees. That is a little chilly. Lewis often makes jokes about how I should be able to deal with it because I am from "The eastside of Detroit." As I have explained to him, I moved to Phoenix, AZ because I do not like cold weather.

He can walk around without a coat on exclaiming, "It's not that cold!" The devil is a liar. It is cold. This is the first time that my little girl will brave the cold weather. Yet she is prepared.--Almost.

How cute does she look? However, I have to get her a snowsuit because she is going to Michigan in a couple of weeks. I think she needs a snowsuit in Georgia. Her little bottom will be cold.(Or perhaps her little bottom is cold because she is sitting on the freezer.) Nonetheless, Lewis thinks that I am going overboard. I don't think so!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On your mark, get set.....

Well she is almost out of the starting gate. NyCee has learned how to turn onto her knees from a sitting position. Once she's in position, she has no idea what comes next but she is getting there.

Last weekend, she was spotted scooting backwards off of her blanket.

When she finally gets wind of how to crawl forward my house will never be the same. Baby gates, bumper guards, cabinet locks, etc. Does Walmart make decorative accessories that will match my furniture? It is bad enough her toys are everywhere but must the safety equipment clash even more?

Monday, November 13, 2006

If you cook it, they will come

On Saturday, my family came in from Michigan to visit for the weekend. The kids (Ce-Cee, Kari, and Taliyah) have never been to Georgia. They were so excited after the plane ride and of course to see NyCee.

We had an early Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday. In attendance, were my grandfather Ollie and his wife Ms. Martha (from Alabama), cousins Clem and his wife from San Francisco (they currently live in Georgia but will be moving back to SFO by year's end) and the twins (Nia and Imani). We had a house full but a very festive time.

Taliyah did an awesome job of playing big cousin to the twins. They were comfortable and followed her around every where she went. They had a great time.

Ce-Cee and Kari joined in the fun also. They played a game titled, "Which twin is who?" Despite the fact that they were wearing different shirts (Nia is in white and Imani is in pink), no one could tell them apart. If you don't know them, Nia and Imani will trick you.

Overall, the weekend was a blast. Unfortunately, our time ended too soon and everyone had to return home.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

17 minute meal

Steak 5 minutes on the George Forman Grill
Sweet Corn 5 minutes in the microwaveable bag
Rice 7 minutes.

I think I have Rachael Ray beat. Does it count if 2 of the 3 items are in a bag?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Progress Report

My Aunt Nita sent several suggestions to me regarding the, "Party over here" blog. In that blog, I spoke of how NyCee was up until night. I am glad to report that was a single incident. But she was concerned that NyCee was not napping properly throughout the day and she does. She generally takes 2 or 3 naps, no longer than 1 1/2 hours at a time. I have no idea why she was up at that time of the night.

Sometimes I feel like a bad mother. In the blog, "Little Whitney" I teased her about liking her cold medicine a little too much. Well, as it turned out, she actually had a double ear infection which is why the cold medicine was nothing more than kool-aid to her. The only reason that I discovered she had an infection in both ears was because she woke up last Thursday morning with icky green mucus coming out of her nose. It looked like the blob. I took her to the doctor on Friday and that is when I was told of her condition. I am ashamed to report that she had been congested for a week. Why didn't I take her to the doctor? Because I didn't want to bother anyone. But she is much better now.

The moral of the story. I pay for health insurance so I need to use it. Especially for my little one.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dayna "Rachael Ray, Jr" Thompson

The food network airs a program entitled "30 Minute Meals" with Rachael Ray. That means in the time it takes you to watch her program, she will have made a delicious and healthy meal from start to finish. Well, last night, I took a stab at making a 30 minute meal. Spaghetti and Meatballs, with salad and bread. Easy right? Sure. I looked up the recipe for meatballs and the spaghetti was easy. Unlike Rachael, I did not make my own sauce. That is why God invented Prego Jar Spaghetti Sauce.

Moving right along, I made the meatballs and popped them in the 450 degree pre-heated oven. I had my pasta pot boiling, sauce cooking in a another pan, I diced the tomatoes, eggs, and cucumbers, opened a bag of already cut romaine lettuce and within 20 minutes, my meal was half way done. I threw my pasta into the pot which was at a rapid boil and patted myself on the back. Well that pat was a little too soon. I forgot to put the cresent rolls in the oven and they take 19 minutes to cook. Fi-dinkle-doo!

Oh, well it was my first time making a 30 minute meal. My meal turned out to be 45 minutes, due to the cresent rolls, but it was quite tasty. Proud of myself I am!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oops...I did it again!

I enrolled in a mini-session course this quarter and it began yesterday. As usual, I logged into the course and printed out all the necessary information. Later that evening, I sat down in preparation of completing the first assignment. I listened to the lecture and followed along with the PowerPoint presentations. As I prepared to complete the first assignment, I began flipping through the book for the section which pertained to the question. I looked in the table of contents, the glossary, and the index section. But I was unable to locate the information. Frustrated, I walked away from the desk and a voice inside said, "Look at the cover of the book." So I walked back and flipped to the front of the book. It read, "Business Ethics." I am enrolled in "Principles of Management." See the problem? Further, I have had this book in my possesion for two weeks and it never dawned on me that it was the wrong book. I am enrolled in a Business Ethics course for Winter, so when I placed the order for the book, that was the schedule I used.

It gets better. I don't know how to return the book because I don't have the invoice that came with it as I threw it away. If I keep the book, they may not use it next quarter so I will have to buy a new book. This was truly the wrong session to make this mistake. The mini-session crams 12 weeks worth of work into 6 weeks so I am already behind. Oops, there went $69.50 down the drain.

Friday, November 03, 2006

In the morning

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed my little tater tot in her bed with the sunlight shining through the window. She has slept in her bed for the past three nights--ALL NIGHT!

I know that many of you are concerned because she is on her stomach and the doctors tell you to lay infants on their backs. Well, my mom laid me on my stomach and I am fine. NyCee sleeps peacefully in this position. On her back, she tosses and turns all night, thus waking herself up at 3:30a.m.

For all of you who are yet without children, you are thinking, "What is the big deal?" But trust and believe that when you have a child, you will relish moments like these.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Looking at NyCee I often times wonder why we rush to grow up. When we are 4 we want to be 5, when we are 12 we want to be 13, when we are 20 we want to be 21 and so on. But why? Is it because we have the constant feeling that something is missing? Or there is something greater at the next age? Let's study NyCee. Here she sits 7 months old in a bib that does not match her pajamas, braids all over her head, chewing on a toy which has been God only knows where, with just the slightest bit of mucus running from her nose. She is just enjoying the moment and does not have a care in the world.

What a wonderful life!