Saturday, February 13, 2010

"But Mommy, I am sorry I made a mess"

After putting the kids to bed, I washed my hair as I am getting it done tomorrow for the Valentine's Day weekend. Once I finished blow drying it, I walked out of my room and tripped on something. I really didn't pay any attention to it as I figured it was one of the kids' toys.

I walked into the hall bathroom and smelled finger nail polish. Immediately, I called Taylor's name as I did not see her in her bed. She replied, "Here I am."She was in my bed. I asked what did she do. Thankfully, I teach my children to be honest so she told me the story.

"I wanted to put this (nail polish) on my fingers like this (making the motion of polishing nails). But it spilled and I couldn't clean it up but I am sorry. I didn't mean to make a mess." Here's the kicker: the nail polish was on my dresser. She got the seat to her easel set, put it up against my dresser and located her nail polish. (She has a light pink color.) The additional highlight: it was dark. She managed to reach and locate the nail polish in addition to polishing her nails in the dark.

She was not disciplined. I gently explained she has to ask for permission before getting certain things. And mommy has to help her with fingernail polish.

She is a child genius.

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avagemini said...

am glad that you have taught your children to be truthful.i pray i will be able to do so too when i start having my kids the way your daughter is pretty and reminds me much of my niece Ayana.she is 3 yrs old.